The Sound of Our Commute

New York City Subway lines match the musical notes. If we translate our daily commutes into sounds, suddenly every New Yorker makes music everyday.
To raise awareness on the situation immigrants are living with this new administration, NY-based band DAYAN wrote a song with the help of all New Yorkers.

We traced a commute that connected the most trafficked train stations of each borough, G - A - F - E - B - D - A. That became the melody of "Crecer Lejos” (To Grow Afar), a song that explores the emotions one goes through after leaving homeland to pursue betterment.

We made a music video that worked as a short-documentary to explained the idea and call people to download the song. ALL proceeds went to non-profit United We Dream, to keep fighting for justice and dignity for immigrants and all people.

Check the website and podcast, with the testimonies of anonymous immigrant New Yorkers.

Director: Marc Duran
Songwriters: Laura Dayan & Darko Saric
Photographer: Erika Morillo