Quarter Pounder Grammy’s Takeover
for McDonald’s

For the 2020 Grammy Awards, McDonald’s wanted to remind the Quarter Pounder fans why they are Quarter Pounder fans.

This first W+K work for McDonald’s: laconic, quiet and the opposite of the overstimulating Lurpaky foodporn every brand is doing.

And we sold through the idea of Brian Cox as the VO. He since became the voice of the brand.

“In the minutes since I heard the Brian Cox ASMR [in] a Mickey D’s commercial, I’ve found a new lease on life. Life can give me the occasional gift. Life can surprise me.”

I think Brady Langmann from Esquire got what we were going for.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Creative Directors:  Karl Lieberman, Jaclyn Crowley & Brandon Henderson
Creatives: Lauren Acampora, Sean Johnson, Garrick Sheldon, Nik Reed & Marc Duran
Director: Joy Kilpatrick