Famous Orders
for McDonald’s

We all have a unique go-to McDonald’s order – a simple truth that only a brand this emblematic could substantiate. We pitched it to the brand team at some point of the 9-month-long pitch process. Fast-forward, W+K wins the business and this idea becomes McDonald’s Super Bowl ad. We were busy inside Post Malone’s brain, so Sean Johnson and Lauren Acampora took over the whole production. Thank god, because the result is iconic.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Creative Directors:  Karl Lieberman & Jaclyn Crowley
Creatives: Lauren Acampora, Sean Johnson, Garrick Sheldon, Facundo Paglia & Marc Duran
Director: Malcolm Venville

Wait there’s more! After giving away 12 million Thank You Meals to Healthcare workers, making a hundred Brian Cox ASMR spots, and breaking the internet with the Travis Scott’s and J.Balvin’s orders, McDonald’s is named Marketer of the year 2020 by AdAge. And like every Marketer of the year should do, McDonald’s gave away free fries and burgers to everyone for Festivus... I mean, Christmas.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Creative Director: Brandon Henderson
Creatives: Lauren Acampora, Sean Johnson, Lesley Scheuermann & Marc Duran
Director: Malcolm Venville


Gold Clio. Integrated Campaign. 2021
D&AD Graphite Pencil / PR / Use of Talent & Influencers. 2021
D&AD Wood Pencil / PR / Integrated. 2021
The One Show Integrated Branding Campaign Merit. 2021
People's Voice Winner. Social. Best Influencer Endorsement. 2021